Criminal activities in advancement of digital world

The continually advancing digital world and the utilization of computers and the internet have introduced new, frequently unforeseen, tools and consequences in the realm of criminal law and civil practice.

If you sent something over the internet, regardless of whether it is a simple upload as an instant message or a film, it is out on the internet everlastingly and may become proof in a preliminary matter.

It is very well said that everything comes with both positive and negative effects and innovation of computers and internet also has little negativity in IT criminal activities.

Let’s discuss few criminal activities in the IT field.

1. Employees and competitors are often blamed for mishandling access through hacking to shut corporate organizations.

2. Using the phone numbers and E-mail IDs illegally to “phish” for cash and use illegal identification to exploit individuals’ need for cash.

3. Presentations in “visit rooms” form into claims of endeavored sexual assault; grown-up and kid erotic entertainment might be sent over the web, and, for sure, the simple receipt and unexplained maintenance of pictures can be prosecuted.

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