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Ontario Trademark Lawyers is a leading firm based in Toronto offering legal advice from experts and assistance in Trademark, Copyright, patents and many other legal services.

We are a team of expert professionals who have years of experience in our specific field. With long periods of involvement in working as a legal firm, we have effectively conveyed our practice to meet our client’s needs with perfection.

Trademark Patent Agent Lawyer

Our services include:

Trademark registration

What is a trademark? A trademark is a brand name, a motto, or a logo. It recognizes the administrations or products of one individual and distinguishes it from other brands.
• A brand name is the name of the company that is made with a unique word.
• A motto is a small phrase that represents the idea of the brand.
• A logo is a particular picture or image.

Brand name, logo, and slogan provide different identities in the market. Once you have registered with the brand name, logo, and slogan, no one can copy it and use your logo, name, and slogan of the brand.If any company uses your brand name, logo, or slogan to promote their products, you can take legal action by hiring the Trademark Patent Agent Lawyer against that company.


Copyright is a right given by law to dramatic, literary, musical, and artistic works. There is no copyright in a thought. Copyright vests in the creator of work once the work is done in a material structure. If you require the assistance of lawyers for copyright, you can hire the best lawyers only from Ontario Trademark Lawyers.

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