Why Business Owners should think About Trademarks

The right trademark defines who you are and what you do. Creating and defending your Trademark registration is crucial to starting a successful business. Protecting them can be simple.

The intellectual property of your business includes trademarks. Unfortunately, small-business owners aren’t always sure what trademarks are nor how to protect them.

What Is a Trademark?

A trademark is anything so that helps identify your business and differentiate it from the competition. Among the things you can trademark is your company’s name, tagline, logo, packaging, or website.

Commonly Misunderstood Facts About Trademarks:

Forming a Business Isn’t Federal Trademark Registration

In most provinces or states, when a business entity is formed, it also comes with a trademark registration for the business name. However, this is not the case in Canada and the United States. Your business name will become protected by state law when formed as a business entity. Your state does not allow businesses that share the same name as yours. Merely registering a business name is not the same thing as trademark registration.

Trademark registration

All Business Names Aren’t Created Equal

Trademark protection varies from business to business. In addition, some cases, too generic names cannot even be registered as trademarks.

• Xerox and Shell Oil Company are trademarked as “arbitrary” names, like using the name of a common product to refer to an unrelated one, like “Apple” computers or “Shell” oil company. The names of a product imply its qualities without specifying them.
• “Chicago Pizza” or “Clean Car Wash” are not usually eligible for trademark registration. “Ice Cream” is another example of a purely generic name that is not eligible.

If you plan on naming your business, choose a name that has a chance of being protected as a trademark. For that, we suggest you hire Top Trademark Lawyer Toronto.

Is A Trademark Search Worth It Before Naming Your Business?

The situation isn’t unusual. Business name, website, marketing materials, signage, and also labels are all things you need to get start. Then, another company’s attorney sends you a letter saying that your trademarks are infringing.

You can protect your business with trademarks. When choosing a business name, do your research and select a name carefully to maximize your chances of trademark protection. You can also take the assistance of an experienced Trademark Lawyer.

Give your business a brand name and also market it with a unique trademark!

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